Gary Casey
Film--Video--Commercial                  Role                                 Director

The Adventures of Lewis & Clark            Crazy Gary                        Charese Mongiello
Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie       Men in Black                     James Rolfe--Kevin Finn      
The Extendables                                     paparazzi                          Brian Thompson
Wedding Palace                                      wedding guest                  Christine Yoo
Living Lost                                               Lester                               Jon Bessire                       
Surreal Lounge                                        Evan                                John Church                      
Penny For Your Tongue                          Boss                                 Emi Yamasaki                    
Bocce                                                      UBF Agent #2                   Zak Stoltz                         
Do You Love Me                                      Kidnapper                        Gintare Urbutyte             
Trapped: Haitian Nights                           Doctor                              Jean Claude La Marre         
Coors Light spec com                              reporter                            Mike Quick                       
The Last Act                                            Homeless Man                  R. Quigley,  M. Amadue       
Cubicle Warriors                                      Air Force Guard               Miles Painter                     
Destino                                                    driver-bodyguard              Jeremy Hill                        
2010 Doritos SuperBowl Commercial       funeral guest                    Kevin Willson                   
Ben And Jake's Big Deal                          Willie                                Charese Mongiello             
Something Animal                                    Bum #2                             Bryant Dillon                  
California Dreaming                                 factory worker                  Catherine Owens                
Thrillseekers: The Indosheen                  Bum #1                             Robert Pfitzner                   
Turtle Heat                                               race watcher                    Zack Schierloh                   
Gridiron and Stuff                                    student                             Dirk Voetberg                    
Empress Vampire                                    Magician                           Phil Condit                       
Little Black Dress                                     wedding guest                  Deborah Correa        
Surviving                                                  bar patron                        Nic Morris                      
Jackson                                                    fight watcher                    Cassidy Lackos               
Reconciliation                                          Jeff's friend                       Chad Ahrendt                     
Alejandro Santiago                                  audience                           Mike Basone                     
Leave                                                      party guest                       Robert Celestino            
Afterbeer                                                 bar guy                             Mike Olsen                        
The Green Mile                                       Harry                                 Ace Salvador                   
Do Not Disturb                                         Hotel Extra                        Chris Summers               
The Contention                                       Athiest                               Justin Gum                        
Android Love                                           diner                                 Lee Citron                         
Gumball                                                   diner                                 Andrew Richey                  
Gold the series    ep.#6                           bbq guest                         Andrew Dautsch               
Radio 99.1 KDED                                    zombie                              Derek Page                      
Unsettled Vagrants                                  Ernie                                 Christian Pipion                 
Dispatch                                                   Limo driver                       Steven Sprung                   
Sonny McLeans  {pilot}                            Saloonatic                        Brent Christo                     
The Silver Skirt                                        cross-dresser                   Gregory Williamson           
Sleepless On Sunset                               bartender                          James Jay Ellis                   
Dumpster Diving                                      Bum                                  D. Bensaai - R. Walker        
Advil Spec Commercial                            Priest                                Richard Rosen                  
Advil Spec Commercial                            peasant                            Richard Rosen                    
Coldplay music video contest                   homeless man                 Brian Felber                        
Last Call                                                   extra                                Nick Corporon                   
Leaving Bliss                                           audience                           Shanna Miko                 
Jesus People                                           homeless man                                                            
Animal Planet ep4 Cats + Dogs               paramedic                         Jim Donovan                     
Checkmate                                              guard                                Sarah Park                       
Clones Gone Wild                                   restaurant patron              Harry Frishberg                
Before I Wake                                          extra                                 Eric Marks                      
Good Guys Finish Last                            paparazzi photograph      Riley Wood                      
Mob Rules                                                Man at bar                       Keith Palmer                       
The Prospector                                        Charlie                             Toby Lawrence                   
Niki Saletta music video "Roam"               dancer                             Carlyn Moss                       
How To Make Love To A Woman             bookstore patron              Scott Culver                       
I Hate Everybody music video                  homeless man, danc        Maurice Moore                  
Coach Shane                                           Hockey dad                      Drew Renaud                   
Road Rage                                              Steve                                Josh Garner                        
Dockweiler                                               Walt                                  Nick Palmer                       
Beyond the Mat                                       audience                           Van Pham                          
Downstream                                             battery guy                       Neil Kinsella                       
A House Divided                                      audience                           Don Stark                         
Round Trip                                              airport traveler                                                           
Charlie Valentine                                     stripclub guy                     Jesse Johnson                    
Man Overboard                                       Mason Marine Customer   Oliver Robins                     
Radio Free Albemuth                               tourist-prisoner                John Alan Simon                
Angry Video Game Nerd:The Movie (2014) Men In Black
The Extendables (2014) Paparazzi
Wedding Palace (2013) Wedding Guest
Living Lost (2013) Lester
The Adventures of Lewis & Clark (2013) Crazy Gary
Husky (2012)  Party Member
The Last Act (2012) Homeless Man
Empress Vampire (2012) (V) Magician
Jordan's Walk (2012) Fallen Soldier
Surreal Lounge (2012) Evan
Leave (2011) Party Guest
Trapped: Haitian Nights (2010) Doctor
Mob Rules (2010) Man at Bar
Ben & Jake's Big Deal (2010) Willie
Bocce (2010) UBF Agent #2
Penny For Your Tongue {2010} Boss
Dumpster Diving (2009) Bum
The Silver Skirt (2009) Cross Dresser
Clones Gone Wild {2009} Restaurant Patron
Do Not Disturb (2009/II) Hotel Extra
Good Guys Finish Last (2009) Photographer
Little Black Dress (2009)(ll) Wedding Guest
Reconciliation (2009) Jeff's friend
Man Overboard {2008} Mason Marine Customer
(2008) Walt

Sound Department:
321 Days (2015) (sound recordists)
A Good Life (2015) (TV Movie) (sound recordist)
Love or Laughs (2015) (sound recordist)
Pestilent Vapors (2014) (boom operator)
Movie Guys (2015) (TV Movie) (sound technician)
Mine, All Mine (2014) (sound recordist)
Suffocated (2014) (sound recordist
Living Lost (2014) (boom operator)
X-Men: The College Years (2014) (sound recordist)
The Adventures of Lewis & Clark (2013) (sound recordist)
hIMPERFECT (2013) (TV Movie) (boom operator)
Surreal Lounge (2012) (boom operator)
Ben & Jake's Big Deal (2010) (boom operator)

Miscellaneous Crew
Tango Changes Everything (2014) (script supervisor)
Reconciled: (2014) (script supervisor)
Malory & Nicole: (2014) (script supervisor)
Everything as Is: (2013) (script supervisor)

Camera and Electrical Department:
Mallory & Nicole (2014) (grip)
Ben & Jake's Big Deal (2010) (still photographer)
Good Guys Finish Last (2009) (still photographer)

Surreal Lounge (2012) (associate producer)

Happy Ending (2015) (thanks)
Stunts: uncredited
Downstream                            : falling
Road Rage                               : fighting
The Prospector                        : fighting
: The Indosheen     : fighting
 Production Crew:
Hell's Kitty: sound recordist
After The Harvest
: (trailer) sound recordist
Low Estate: sound recordist
Manipulate: sound recordist
Surreal Lounge (segment"Gap in Time"):script supervisor
Sleepless On Sunset: location, casting assistant
The Council: set builder
Performed by Billy Syms
: Gary Casey
Alone In Poverty